Rolls-Royce is back with another special edition of the Phantom.  This time the talented craftsmen from Goodwood built a bespoke Phantom for that select group of people who spend their lives in the public eye.  Called the Limelight, its name was inspired by the origin of a British invention which became synonymous with far.

According to Rolls-Royce, the limelight effect was originally discovered in the 1820s by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, a prototypical British gentleman scientist and inventor of the Victorian era. It was harnessed to revolutionize illumination in the theatres of London’s Covent Garden, highlighting leading actors on the stage, thus leading to the phrase, ‘in the limelight’.

“In creating the Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection, our designers have delivered authentic luxury by thinking deeply about the lifestyles of the powerful people who operate in the public eye and move swiftly from engagement to engagement as part of their daily life,” explains Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “The result is a beautiful, discreet motor car in which those for whom the world is waiting can prepare, relax and arrive in the finest luxury and style.”

Like the Phantom Serenity, which was unveiled at Geneva, the car’s designers put forth much effort in gaining an understanding of the habits and behaviors of those people who are in high profile positions.  The Limelight was thus conceived as the ultimate travelling companion as its busy passenger moves from  event to event.  The car features panniers in the rear doors for personal possessions, like watches, colognes, and business cards.

In edition to helping its passengers prepare for their next stop, the Limelight also helps them relax.  The rear seat back reclines to 27º, enabling the head to rest on the headrest cushion.  To support the lower body, the new calf rest raises electrically by 68º to support the calf, while a foot rest emerges out of the floor to raise the feet up to a 30º angle.  Rolls-Royce has determined that all of this contributed to the most relaxing ride possible.

Of course the car wouldn’t be complete without custom details throughout the cabin.  The car comes in one of two themes: light and dark.  The light theme features Seashell with Navy Blue leather with Seashell tone-on-tone matching.   The dark theme features Navy Blue with Seashell leather with Navy tone-on-tone stitching.  The central seat flues, door cards, rear console, and for the first time, picnic table backs, feature a Mulliner inspired diamond shape embroidery.

Unique to this car is a two-veneer finish that shows off the unique skills of the woodworkers at Goodwood.  Piano Seashell specific to the Limelight is applied to the door capping, bending the veneer with the leather theme.  Smoked Chestnut completes the color scheme.  Finishing off the interior is a bespoke clock that draws influence form the rich Gala Blue exterior color.

The Limelight is a limited run of 25 Phantoms.


Source: Rolls-Royce

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  • If I didnt have a child I probably would say the same thing. But I can still c meylsf in a Rolls Royce w/ a car seat lol.. Me and my baby would be living LARGE!