Engineering development is nearly complete on the first completely new Continental GT since Bentley’s best selling coupe debuted in 2003. Although Bentley Motors has remained tight lipped on the new grand tourer, our sources believe the car will be unveiled as soon as March 2017 as a 2018 model.

For a year now, Continental GT development vehicles have been photographed testing in various environments.  Now for the first time, a new Flying Spur development vehicle has been captured testing.  The new Flying Spur is not a surprise as the assumption has been that both models will continue to share platforms in what will be the third generation of both.

The Flying Spur development mule was photographed wearing a current Panamera body to hide its true muscular Bentley body. This comes one year after we saw the first Bentley development vehicle disguised as a Panamera. Back in January, a Continental GT development mule was spotted wearing the same wheels and body as what we’re looking at today. We also saw similar wheels on this 2018 Continental GTC that was spotted testing earlier this year.

Without confirmation from Bentley, we’re only guessing about the prospects of this car but there are several cues. In addition the wheels, it has Great Britain plates are registered to Bentley and it looks similar to earlier GT test mules, but with standard length rear doors.

Like the 2018 Continental GT, the next Flying Spur is being co-developed with sister company Porsche. It will ride on VW’s new MSB platform and will continue to be all wheel drive with Bentley’s 4.0l V8 and 6.0l W12 engines.

Unlike the current mode which hangs the engine out in front of the front axel, it is believed the new Bentley’s will benefit from Porsche mid-front engine layout with the engine placed behind the front axle.

Prices for the news cars will likely rise versus the current models as Bentley significantly adds technology to the cabin to catch up with rival luxury offerings.

Image Source: Auto Blog