So the press embargo is up on the Continental GT Speed and a glut of reviews were published today.  I’ll be linking out to the good ones later, but in the meantime, one of the reviews contained a juicy tidbit that I had to share.

Car and Driver posted a blog discussing their time with the car and the news that Bentley is interested in joining into the bespoke auto club, which we wrote about here.  But what hasn’t been talked about previously, is the Bentley themselves discussed with the magazine the idea of building another car.  For as long as VW has owned the brand, it seems that people (re: talking heads, auto journo’s, etc, ) have been talking about how VW will want Bentley to produce more cars to generate more money for the mother ship.  The logical place to go is to an SUV, which is due in 2016, and to go down to a smaller, less expensive car to build the brand.

“We’re told that the brand is also actively considering a fourth model line, most likely to be a smaller coupe beneath the Continental and powered exclusively with V-8 engines. Such a car would be capable of going head-to-head with higher-spec versions of the Porsche 911 as well as the Aston Martin Vantage and the forthcoming McLaren P13.” -Car and Driver

Now there are pluses and minuses to heading down in price.  On the downside, it could dilute the brand and make it more difficult for Bentley to sell their higher priced cars.  On the plus side, selling more cars means you have more buyers who are accustomed to your brand and will hopefully come back for their next car.  I think it’s worked for Aston Martin with the Vantage and I doubt anyone has ever looked down on a Porsche 911 because it costs half of a Continental GT.  As an enthusiast for the brand, I would love to see a two seater coupe with the flying B on it.

Source: Car and Driver