Yes, you heard right. Earlier this year, Bentley Motors signed Princess Yachts to sponsor their factory racing team earlier. Now that partnership has produced a beautiful Bentley called the Galene Edition.

Designed by Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke division, the Galene edition draws heavily from the luxury yachts produced by Princess. Beginning on the outside, Mulliner sought to pull two unique colors together for the project. Glacier White and Sequin Blue were selected as paint colors to reflect “the iridescent sparkle of crystal clear waters” present around a yacht in the ocean.

A remarkable and distinguishable new detail is the lower bright work, which has traditionally been finished either with a bright polish or a dark tint. Now the trim is painted in Sequin Blue. A dark blue, four layer convertible top and polished 21” “propeller wheels” complete the Gelene’s signature exterior look.

Inside the Galene Edition is where Mulliner chose to flex some muscles. They began with painted fascia panels in Glacier White. The passenger side panel features a hand-painted Jaume Vilardell illustration of a super yacht. The bezel of the Breitling clock is also painted Glacier White instead of its normal polished finish.

Bentley Convertible Inspired by yacht

Inspired by the classic detailing of wooded yachts of yesteryear, Mulliner created a new finish for the Galene: Pinstripe Walnut. Trust us when we say you have to see Pinstripe Walnut to really appreciate it. The surface of the wood is left in open-pore for a natural and unique finish. The result is that every time you look at or touch the material, you’re reminded of the craftsmanship that went into it. Said another way, it’s wood that looks like wood. A Pinstripe Walnut insert completes the tread plates and, in an unusual nod to the car’s nautical influences, lines the trunk.

Wood lined trunk Bentley convertible

As Bentley has done of other recent cars, three separate colors were utilized to make the interior pop. In the past this has been introducing a third color as a bright accent color. This time, the finish is more subdued. The seats are finished in Linen (cream) and Portland (gray). The accent color is Brunel, which is a gray blue color. The seats are hand stitched with Camel thread. The logo on the headrest is also embroidered in Camel. The details extend to the interior of the Glacier White stowage case, which is lined in Brunel Alcantara.

The Galene Edition is powered by Bentley’s 4.0L twin-turbo V8, which puts out 500hp. The V8 is flex fuel capable and features displacement on demand technology, enhancing fuel efficiency at cruising speeds. Power arrives to the road through a ZF eight speed transmission and Bentley’s all-wheel-drive system.

The combination of materials that Mulliner put together make the Gelene one of the best looking special editions to grace the road in recent years. Owners will be in a select group as production is limited to just 30 examples worldwide.