Arnott Air Suspension Products has announced the introduction of new front right and front left air struts for the 2003-‘12 Bentley Continental GT and the 2006-‘12 Flying Spur. These are new built struts, not remanufactured.

The company has become well known in the Bentley community for its replacement air struts, which are built to be an equivalent replacement for the OEM components with a more attractive price.

20160325 Arnott-Bentley-Air-Strut

The Continental GT and the Flying Spur ride on the same air spring (air bag suspension). Those air bladders give the Bentley its comfortable ride while allowing the car to handle at the same time. Like all suspension components, the air springs will wear out over time and can be quite expensive to replace.

The new Arnott air strut assemblies replace the OE Bentley strut and feature a new, custom-tuned shock absorber calibrated to restore the vehicle’s original ride control and performance. According to Arnott, the new shocks contain an elongated piston, which provides an exceptional ride without requiring the OE reservoir.

The Arnott struts contain a new heavy-duty air bladder from ContiTech, which is protected by an aluminum can. The top mount is CNC machined from aircraft-quality aluminum. Armor assembles their struts in the U.S. With their own seals, O-rings, bump stop, heavy-duty crimping rings, new air fittings, new connector valve plus a dust boot to protect the strut.

Replacement Bentley Continental struts cost $995 retail. According to the company, their front right (part no. AS-2892) and front left (part no. AS-2893) are designed to replace the following OEM part numbers:

3D0616040AC, 3D0616040AD, 3D0616040N, 3W0616040, 3W5616040, 3W7616040, 3D0616040, 3D5616040, 3D7616040, 3D0616 (right) and 3D0616039AD, 3D0616039N, 3D0616039AC, 3W0616039, 3W5616039, 3W7616039, 3D0616039, 3D5616039, 3D7616039 and 3D0616 (left).

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