Bentley has only shipped 378 Bentaygas to the U.S. If you’re one of those lucky owners, you could be impacted by a recall of 88 of the 2017 models.

According to a filing with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Bentley is recalling the units after the factory discovered that some screws were not torqued to the proper spec during assembly.  The screws could work themselves loose over time from seat and instrument panel areas.

The fix is easy and requires the Bentayga to come in for service.  A technician will inspect the screws and tighten the fasteners to proper torque specs if they need it.

Bentley is currently notifying owners who are affected.  If you’re concerned, you can bring your Bentayga to a Bentley service center free of charge. Owners may contact Bentley customer service at 1-800-777-6923. Bentley’s number for the recall is RE16/32.

Source: NHTSA