Bentley Dealership

20160106 Bentley Dealership Bristol England 02Bentley is adding a new new showroom in their home country. The new store will open in Bristol this summer in Cribbs Causeway.

The dealership will display Bentley’s entire lineup including the Bentayga SUV and will serve South West England and offer a full service program for clients.

Rendering of the dealership have not been revealed yet, but it is a safe bet that it won’t deviate far from CW1, Bentley’s model for all of it’s stores worldwide.

Visitors will find the same luxurious materials that Bentley uses in their automobiles through out the showroom. Included will be a design studio where customers can commission their own Bentley and sample over 100 paint colors and dozens of wood and leather combinations.

20160106 Bentley Dealership Bristol England 03