Bentley Bentayga Gold

As news continues to drip out about Bentley’s plans for a second SUV, many of us are left to wonder what a derivation of the Bentayga could look like.  Thankfully, Remco at R. M. Design came through with a great rendering of what a fastback or coupé version of the Bentayga could look like. R M Design's Bentayga Coupe concept

According to statements made by Bentley executives, the next version of the Bentayga would use the same suspension as the current off-road focused model.  However, it would be tuned towards on-road performance.  What we’re currently calling the Bentayga Coupé would also have a bump in horsepower to somewhere around 660 hp, along with sportier trim pieces. R M Design's Bentayga Coupe concept

Such performance would help the heavy SUV accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.  The more aerodynamically advantaged body lines would allow it to push its top speed very close to that magic 200 mph mark.  With Bentayga production underway and orders backup through all of 2016, expect the high performance Bentayga no earlier than the 2018 model year.  During that time, the Bentayga will pick up stiff competition for its title as world’s fastest SUV when a new Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Lamborghini Urus come to market.

Photo credit and source link: R. M. Design