Bentley’s model showroom exists at the CW1 House, which is a flagship showroom concept at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, England. Until now, the new treatments hadn’t been applied to any of it’s dealer network in the country. No longer the case, Bentley Berkshire, which is located on Station Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, has become the first of Bentley’s UK showrooms to implement the brand’s new corporate identity following extensive upgrades to the Pangbourne sales and after-sales facility.

The dealer’s building receive a new, modern façade, that gives it a contemporary look while complementing the existing Georgian brick-built structure. The footprint of the dealership is unchanged, but most of the facility was brought inline with the vision of the brand as laid out last year.

20151024 Bentley Berkshire Remodel 05

Inside the showroom, like some of the others we written about on this Bentley Blog, you immediately notice the luxurious brand elements. By using leather, wood, and polished metals, Bentley Berkshire has been built to reflect the quality of design work that goes into every Bentley vehicle. The carpets are made from the same rich lambswool used in Bentley’s vehicle interior carpets, the furniture is trimmed in Bentley leather, and customer commissioning areas are enveloped by contemporary solid oak panels. Showroom seating, tables, display stands and the concierge coffee and champagne bar are all hand-trimmed with bespoke, highly polished stainless steel.

20151024 Bentley Berkshire Remodel 01

Commenting on the project, Sarah Simpson, Bentley Regional Director UK, said, “The new-look Bentley Berkshire site has been designed to give our customers a bold, clear and contemporary vision of the Bentley brand, and is finished with the same level of luxury for which our cars are renowned.”

“With the imminent arrival of our new Bentayga, Bentley is introducing a new world of customisation to the SUV segment.The new showroom design will enable customers visiting Bentley Berkshire to view and choose from an even greater breadth of luxury options, paint colours and wood species available on Bentayga, and across the wider model range.”