If you’re attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, you’ll get to see some of the finest automobiles in the world.  Many of the premier manufacturers will be showing off their new cars.

Bentley will also have their new car lineup at Goodwood, but they’re also bringing along some of their certified pre-owned vehicles.

2003 Bentley Continental GT


The company is proud to say the 80% of ALL Bentleys are still in use today as a testament to how long their vehicles are intended to last.

To that end, Bentley has created a certified warranty program that is an industry leading program and “a statement of confidence in (Bentley’s) product.’

You see, Bentley’s preowned program is a bit different than what you might find on the Chevy lot.  This is because Bentley’s program warranties any Bentley up to 11 years old, with no limit on mileage of claim limit.  The Bentley Pre-Owned warranty provides up to three years of cover on any Pre-Owned car up to 11 years old.  It has no mileage or claim limit.  All mechanical and electrical components are covered, as are consequential damage and MOT test insurance.

“Every car in our Pre-Owned programme is backed by an industry-leading warranty. This is the most comprehensive in the market, providing up to three years of cover on any car up to 11 years old around the world. No other manufacturer is prepared to make such a clear statement of confidence in the quality of its products,” said Kevin Rose, Bentley Board Member.

Find Your Bentley

If you’re interested in finding your own pre-owned Bentley, check out Bentley’s preowned website.