To thrive every business has to adapt to its customers and the market. To this end, Bentley sees a future where its cars including many technologies that have never been used in their vehicles. These are technologies like autonomous driving and an entire new level of ‘connected’ car with features like concierge services by Bentley. The company has invested in state of the art manufacturing processes like 3D printing parts and using hydroforming to make some of the automotive world’s largest singular body panels on a production car.

Bentley has previously announced that they believe the future is not with the internal combustion engine. In the short-term, this means hybrid powered Bentleys. As they continue their march toward a Tesla beating cars, the company has unveiled its plans for its first hybrid Continental.

Speaking to the 2017 Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Dr. Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of Bentley Motors, outlined his vision for the future of the company. In a surprising tip of his hand, he revealed that this future includes a hybrid power option on the yet-to-be unveiled third generation Continental GT.

According to people who were at the event, the Continental will have electric motors mated with a V6 gas engine. This combination will output 500hp, which puts it on par with the 4.0l twin-turbo V8 option available on the current Continental GT. He said Bentley intends to launch the hybrid Continental before the V8 option, when the new car is officially announced later this year.

The all new Continental GT is be it co-developed with Porsche, who is using the same chassis to build their new Panamera. Since the current Panamera is also available with a V6 hybrid, it is easy to speculate that both the Panamera and the new Continental GT and Flying Spur will all have the same Porsche V6 hybrid system.

The Bentayga will soon be available with a hybrid option also, though the details it aren’t yet know. What is known is these hybrid drivetrains give Bentley’s customers that smooth, powerful torque curve they’re used to with benefit of being able to use gasoline to travel great distances, yet switching to electric only power in cities, were pollution controls may limit the operation of gas engines.

Bentley has been working hard to developing products that appeal to the next generation of buyers. Through their market research they have learned what the ‘connected generation’ wants from a luxury car and these new hybrid Bentleys are the first signs of the company’s move towards satisfying these buyers.

Source: Auto News