Bentley continues to expand their luxury brand, this time opening for the first time ever… a mountain lodge.  Located in Kitzbühel, Austria, the lodge is a new concept for the company.

It will be available to Bentley’s European dealers, VIPs, and local residents and is designed to exude Bentley culture and the Bentley lifestyle.  ‘The Bentley Lodge Kitzbühel has everything to become a class-of-its-own destination,” said Robert Engstler, Regional Director at Bentley Motor.

The lodge is nestled in-between the peaks and valleys of the Alps.  It will offer one of the latest Bentley models to guests for transportation.  Entertainment comes in the form of  various bespoke experiences such as fishing, hunting, horseback riding, skiing, tennis, golf and spa treatments.

Bentley Lodge Austria

Like some of the hotel suites that Bentley has collaborated on recently, the design of the lodge was inspired by the techniques, the materials and the finishes that are typical of a Bentley interior. The designers and architects combined regional, traditional and modernist designs and materials to complete the project.  Of course they found a way to introduce some legendary British motor styling.

The lodge is a historic building.  Originally a forester’s lodge, it dates back to 1919, the same year that Bentley Motors was founded.  It is now managed by Bentley Motors in partnership with hotelier Richard Hauser.

The Bentley Lodge Kitzbuehl is available to book for customers and friends of the Bentley and is an ideal spot for private celebrations and especially during the area’s many ski related events. It can now be booked on