We’ve been reading a lot of speculation about what the third generation Bentley Continental GT will look like.  There have been reported rumors about product development, potential drivetrains, and even some photos taken of purported test vehicles.  But today we are happy to report that we have something solid we can tell you about.  At the International Vienna Motor Symposium, Bentley Motor’s parent company has unveiled a new 12 cylinder engine and VW is claiming it will be the most efficient 12 cylinder in the world.

The new engine maintains the previous generation’s ‘W’ cylinder arrangement and 6.0l displacement, but internally has several developments to aid in improving fuel economy and emissions.  According to VW, the new engine has new developments like cylinder bores with APS coating, a cooling system with integrated temperature management, and a dry sump oiling system suitable for off-road use. (Several automotive sites are reporting that this is referencing off-road use, as in taking your new Bentley Bentayga off-road, but we’re used to the terminology being used when referring to non-street legal use, like in motorsport.)

Bentley Motors W12 Engine crewecraft-com

To maintain the power of the old engine while improving economy, the W12 gets new twin-scroll twin-turbochargers, individual cylinder bank deactivation, and a new engine management unit with two controllers as well as start/stop capability.  The new engine management system including a new fuel delivery system that combines the technologies of current Audi FSI direct injection with Bentley’s current TMPI multi-point injection system.  The result is a new system called TSI.

There are also new engine mounts with electromagnetic actuators to smooth out and counteract the vibrations produced by the engine.  By applying “phase-shifted counter-vibrations”, Bentley will be able to deliver a smooth, premium quality feel from the engine.

What about power?  The new W12 will be rated at 600hp, a 3% bump over the current Continental GT’s W12.  However, it has a nearly 25% bump in torque, outputting 664 lb ft of torque from 1,500 to 4,500 RPMs.  That’s enough torque to replace the Mulsanne’s 6 3/4l twin-turbo V8.

No word yet on what sort of gas mileage improvement the Continental would have with this new engine.  VW only said that the engine was specified to be able to launch a car to 60 in 4.0 seconds.  As if there was any doubt they would remove performance from the car!  Stay tuned as we may be hearing more about this engine when the Bentley Bentayga launches later this year.


Source: Volkswagen Group