Bentley sales continued strong right through the end of 2014 as the company had it’s best year ever.  For the entire year, Bentley sold 11,020 cars, an increase of 9% over the previous record of 10,120 cars in 2013.

As previously disclosed, sales growth was strong in China which is Bentley’s #2 market behind the Americas. Bentley sites demand for the new V8 Continental GT and Flying Spur models as the driver behind their sales numbers.

“And this as we embark on a milestone year for the company, in which we are working to deliver the world’s first luxury SUV, and set our sights beyond this and to the future to try and maintain this significant period of success.” Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and CEO Bentley Motors

Bentley expects the new SUV to add another 3000 to 4000 units per year, which will smash the sales numbers they are currently putting down. Some traditionalist reading this site are not excited about the new uber-luxury SUV, but profits from the vehicle will be a big help to Bentley and its parent company as they develop more products.

The new SUV is also benefiting England, where Bentley is investing significantly in a new facility for the SUV and adding 300 new jobs. “I want Britain to be a country where companies want to invest, create high skilled jobs, and export, and so I am delighted that Bentley has had such a successful year on all these fronts,” said Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

Final 2014 Bentley Sales Numbers (approx numbers via Bentley):

Americas – 3,186 units vs 3,140 in 2013
China – 2,670 units vs 2,191 in 2013
Europe – 1,539 units vs 3140 in 2013 (England – 1,387 units vs 1,381 in 2013)
Middle East – 3,186 units vs 3,140 in 2013
Asia Pacific – 669 units vs 452 in 2013

Source: Bentley Motors