Despite previously being coy about whether or not there would not be a second generation Continental GT Supersports, Bentley today teased the internet by releasing a short video offering a glimpse at what they are calling “the most extreme Bentley ever.” They didn’t offer a name for this mystery model, the next visual evidence suggests we’re looking at the second generation Supersports.


The wheel shown in the video has a black Flying B on it which is how Bentley marks their twin-turbo W12 powered cars.  Although Bentley disclosed that they previously considered a lightweight, two-wheel drive Continental when they were building the Continental GT3-R, we believe this car will be all wheel drive.  Behind the wheel, we can see bright red calipers over carbon ceramic brakes.

The new model is also shown inheriting the 2015 Continental GT3-R’s rear spoiler. Like the GT3-R and the first generation Supersports, all the of the Bentley’s exterior brightwork will be blacked out.  Although it appears in the video that the wheels are light in color, we think it is actually the effect of light reflecting of a gloss black finish. A small badge behind the front wheel indicates the name of the new model.

Inside the car, we are expecting all the beautiful carbon fiber and Alcantara that was found in the GT3-R. (see illustration below.)  The first Supersports had lightweight racing buckets and no rear seat.  In response to demand in the US, the car ended up with a comfort seat option that put back the standard Continental’s front and rear seats.  However, the lack of a rear seat didn’t seem to hurt the GT3-R’s sales, so we don’t believe this new model will have rear seats either.

Bentley Continental GT3 Interior Cutaway Bentley Blog

The Supersports was designed as a send off to the first generation Continental GT.  That car had 621 horsepower, an increase of 21 hp over the GT Speed at that time.  Those numbers have been surpassed by the current GT Speed, which has 633 hp.  We have seen aftermarket tuners pull much more power from W12, so we’ll go out on a limb and speculate that this new model will have at least 650 horsepower.  To cool all that power, we can see in the video below that the new car has the same hood vents that the Supersports had.

Bentley closes out the video with the date  January 6th, 2017, so we only have a couple days until we find out all the details.  Check back here for more info or subscribe to the thread on the forum to make sure you don’t miss out!

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