Early indications were that Bentley was on to something when they proposed their first SUV.  Now that the vehicle has launched and customers can place their orders, demand for the Bentayga continues to be strong. The company immediately sold all 608 First Edition Bentaygas and the order queue is currently 6 months long.

Bentley wants to have a bigger output capability for the Bentayga for next year so that the waiting time will be cut shorter for the customers.  Their capacity for 2016 is about 4,000 unites.

Bentley’s bean counters initially proposed to the board that Bentley could sell 3,500 of the uber-luxury SUVs per year. As the company began to show the Bentayga to customers in late 2015, company officials speculated that there might be enough demand for 5,500 units per year.

Speaking with Reuters, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer said the company has pre-orders for 10,000 Bentaygas. “We are evaluating whether we can do a little bit more” next year, Dürheimer said.

Bentley Bentayga Demand Exceeds Production Supply

A crowd around the Bentley Bentayga at the Frankfurt Motor Show
Photo: James Lipman

The issue for Bentley isn’t whether the factory in Crewe can assemble 5 or 6,000 Bentaygas, but whether Bentley’s suppliers can meet demand that is greater than what was planned.

Sales of 5,500 Bentaygas would represent a 50% increase in sales over 2015, a remarkable feat for a boutique luxury auto maker that a decade ago only sold 4,000 cars per year.  It also means that Bentley will need nearly three times the raw materials it used to need on an annual basis.

“This is a step-by-step process but it’s a nice problem to have,” Dürheimer said, adding the British carmaker aims to keep the waiting list which currently stands at one year as short as possible.

The Bentayga starts at $229,000, but most will be closer to $300,000 with options. 75 First Edition Bentaygas will be sent to the US, with deliveries expected to begin in May and June.

Source: Reuters