Welcome to Crewe Craft’s series on buying Bentleys. We’ve put this together to profile important Bentley stores around the world. If you’ve visited a new Bentley store, then you’ve seen the brand’s design language. Bentley wants customers to be comfortable and have the same service experience, regardless of the store they visit around the county.

Despite this uniformity, each store has its own way of operating that makes them unique from each other. Each has different markets, different customers and each help shape car culture. We will be updating this post with a map in the future of all of the dealerships our team has visited. If you’d like to see your dealership profiled, leave a note in the comments or email us.

I recently sat down with Jon Reyerson at Bentley Minneapolis to learn more about their dealership. The staff at Morries were very open and happy to talk cars. In addition to the beautiful collection of Bentleys on the show floor, they had some stunning exotics including a very rare Aston Martin DB10 (see photo below.) Here is my interview with Jon:

CC: When did Morries begin in the Twin Cities? Who owns it?

JR: Morries was founded in 1960 and is privately held.

CC: When did the Bentley dealership open? What other brands do you have?

JR: We acquired the Bentley brand in 2008. Morries has 10 brands total in the metro. This store has Bentley and Maserati on the first floor and Aston Martin on the second. We actually have room to expand to a fourth brand at this time and the ability to expand the building in the future.

CC: Expand? In which direction?

JR: Up. This building was designed to add a third floor when we are ready.

CC: Where do you customers come from?

JR: About to third of our customers come from a radius around the Twin Cities. About a third are internet sales and we don’t ever meet those people.

CC: What is Morrie’s known for?

JR: We are the go to place to find something special. I think people know about our unique inventory which includes our three exotic brands but also a good collection of used exotics of all makes.

We are also a friendly and open dealership. We have people come in all the time to look at our inventory which is usually unlocked for people to explore.

CC: What organizations do you get involved with?

JR: Morries gets involved with many events around Cities. We’ve really enjoyed doing an event with the Children’s hospital where we partner with some athletes to bring cars over for the kids.

CC: What else should we know about Morrie’s?

JR: – Morries can service anything but we have dedicated a dedicated team and bays for Bentley service. Loyalty is our best compliment. We love helping customers find their dream cars.

Jon is also a detailed person who is a true car guy at heart. If you’re in the market for any exotic brand, I’d reach out to them as they had an impressive collection for sale with brands ranging from Ferrari and Bentley to Maserati and Aston Martin. You can reach Jon at 858-888-3200. You can also find Morries and Jon sharing plenty of great cars on Instagram.