1994 Bentley Java Concept

If the rumors are true, Bentley is readying another convertible concept to debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Late last year, Bentley unveiled the Grand Convertible, a large four seat convertible with styling cues from the flagship Mulsanne.

With the Geneva Auto Show looming, Autocar is reporting that Bentley will be unveiling a two seat, small convertible. The magazine goes on to say that they believe the car is built on a Audi platform with a front-mid engine mount and is powered by the 4.0l twin turbo V8 from the Continental GT V8.

Bentley has been showing it’s customers the larger convertible concept for two years in an effort to gauge appetite for a next generation Azure. It’s very likely that they are now doing market analysis for a sporty model to build of the success of the GT3 racing program and the sold out run of 300 Continental GT3-Rs.

Bentley had presented a small convertible previously, with 1994’s Bentley Java Concept Car. That car didn’t get enough traction to see production, but times have changes. Bentley is under new ownership with fresh capital and they have revitalized their sporty image thanks to outstanding motorsports results around the globe with the Continental GT3. The market ultimately determines the success of any new model, but I think the time is right for Bentley to be experimenting with uber-luxury sports cars.

Update: Bentley did unveil a two seater, but it wasn’t a convertible. Check out our Bentley Speed 6 Concept Review here.