The Bentley Continental GT Supersports needs little help looking intimidating. The limited edition Bentley sported a 621 hp twin-turbo W12 when it debuted 6 years ago. Today, there are several cars available on the market that have the much power, but the Supersports was truly in a class of its own when it debuted in 2009.

Much of the Supersports unique look comes from the increase size of the intake vents on the front fascia and in the hood. The big coupe’s W12 featured some small internal changes to deliver that power of the 600 horsepower Continental GT Speed, but mostly came from a new engine map that allowed those big turbos to spool up a higher boost.

20160131 Bentley Continental GT ON Vossen VFS2 04

Inside, the Supersports saves weight by removing the rear seat, using a lightweight manual seat in the front (customers could order the regular front and rear seats), and lots of carbon fiber. It weighed in at 5,011 lbs, down about 170 lbs from the regular Conti.

The combination of weight savings and increased power allowed the Supersports to hit a top speed of 204 mph. Power combined with all-wheel drive traction allowed it to accelerate to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

Today’s spotlight is on this 2010 Supersports that has been shod with a new set of Vossen’s VFS2 wheels. The wheels are finished in a bronze coating that looks great with the Supersports’ blacked out exterior trim and dark paint color. Enjoy the gallery below.