Did you just acquire a Rolls-Royce grand touring car for long weekend drives to the lake? Rolls-Royce has just released the perfect accessory for you: The Rolls-Royce Wraith Luggage Collection.

This is not your standard set of luggage that was merely color matched with a brand logo slapped on them. No sir. This $45,854 set is built from carbon fiber and leather and while that may sound like a lot of coin, it may be exactly what you need to finish out your $300,000+ Rolls-Royce.

20160512 Rolls-Royce Luggage 05

Rolls-Royce says their design team spent time with head butlers from the world’s most illustrious hotels to understand how their customers cart their things around. They paid particular attention to the areas of the luggage most likely to be handles by the customer, focusing on tactile feel and weight distribution.

“The Wraith Luggage Collection consists of six pieces, each carefully considered to reflect the unparalleled design aesthetics of Rolls-Royce motor cars,” said Michael Bryden, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer. “The latest technologies and materials are blended with traditional crafts and techniques, leading to an elegantly executed and thoroughly contemporary luggage collection, designed exclusively for Wraith, the ultimate gentleman’s gran truism.”

20160512 Rolls-Royce Luggage 03

We have to say, they did a pretty good job. The entire set looks amazing. The wheels features the Double R logo, like the Wraith itself does. The hardware was inspired by the silhouette of the Wraith and the Flying Lady is subtlety embossed into the bag’s leather exterior.  The handles feature an ‘invisible stitch’ that is very difficult to accomplish but is worth the effort as the hand cannot feel the stitches when handling the luggage.

The frame of each case is made from carbon fiber to give them maximum rigidity while not adding weight to the larger cases. A garment bag is designed for a tuxedo or ladies gown fits perfectly across the top of the other cases.

The set is available for purchase as a whole or as individual pieces from all Rolls-Royce dealerships.

20160512 Rolls-Royce Luggage 01