Bentley Continental GT3 Top Speed OGara

The Sun Valley Road Rally went down this past weekend in Sun Valley, just outside Ketchum, ID. The one-of-a-kind event had participants hitting speeds as high as 246 mph for charity. O’Gara Motors, a California Bentley Dealership, was there with some incredible machinery from Crewe, including our current crush, the Continental GT3-R.

The Sun Valley Road Rally is held on a closed section of public highway 75.  Straight, rural, and 3.2 miles long, Highway 75 is the the perfect spot to push the limit on top speed.

The event is sanctioned by law enforcement and the funds raised benefit The Drug Coalition. The Drug Coalition is an organization that raises awareness about substance use, addiction and recovery among youth. Funds raised from the event help bring in nationally recognized speakers to the Wood River Valley community to work with schools on developing and implementing substance curriculum for youth.

The rally’s organizers say it’s the only event like it in the North America and we think they’re right. In fact, if it weren’t for social media, we wouldn’t have even heard of it. The two day event kicked off with over 100 cars participating in a 5 miles cruise from Sun Valley to the Ketchum Town Square for a car show. Several Bugattis, rare Porsches and Ferraris, and even some race cars were in attendance. For us, the draw was the Bentley Continental GT3-R, a car that we’ve got quite a thing for here at The Pursuit.

The second day was Saturday, July 25th. Qualified drivers lined up one at a time to blast down the empty highway as fast as the possibly could go. A 2015 Bentley Flying Spur was there. With four adults in it, it would hit 196.1mph with A/C on and the radio cranked. That’s impressive.

Bentley Team Dyson Racing driver Butch Leitzinger was there too. In addition to his Bentley race car duties, Butch is the official test driver for Bugatti in the U.S. His guest as he tested the limits of a Bugatti Veyron with the top off, was Tony Robbins. The duo hit 231 mph in front of the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

Now here is the cool part GT3-R fans: the 2015 Continental GT3-R O’Gara brought hit 188.9 mph on its first run.

That’s incredible!

20150726 crewecraft-com Bentley Continental GT3 Top Speed OGara 01

We are impressed because of the launch data that was provided when the GT3-R was announced. Bentley downplayed the top end on the car to avoid criticism because of the car’s lower rear gear ratio that won’t allow the car to beat the 205 mph top speed of the previous uber-Continental, the Supersports. At launch, Bentley said the GT3-R would reach into the low 170s.

So far, we haven’t seen a car review where anyone has pushed the car to its ultimate speed, so we were surprised to see the numbers it hit. The Continental GT3-R would lay down an even faster run later, exceeding 190 mph.

The more we learn about the GT3-R, the easier it is to say that it’s building it’s own legend. It’s the best handling Continental Bentley has ever made, it looks amazing, offers great luxury in a low production vehicle. And now we know it is capable of 190mph. Amazing.

The Rally sounds like a great event and something we ought to attend next year. You can read more about the Sun Valley Rally at Check out the event’s video, which embedded below: