Fifth Gear’s Jonny Smith recently spent some time in the world’s most powerful uber-luxury sedan.  In addition to testing its acceleration to 60, Smith enjoyed the comforts of the Mulsanne Speed‘s back seat including iPad picnic tables and seats that recline, heat, and cool.

The Mulsanne Speed debuted last year with an incredible 811 lb ft of torque.  That power is delivered to the rear tires through a beefed up transmission that includes a sport setting that keeps the engine revs higher so the 6 3/4 liter’s turbos are always spinning in their ideal boost range.  The Speed ‘s suspension has a new sport mode which enables a sportier drive.  The driver has the ability to custom tailor their Mulsanne to their personal tastes by selecting steering, chassis and engine tunes through the car’s custom settings.

It’s hard not to like the Mulsanne and in the end, Smith was left very impressed with the Speed’s 811 lb ft of torque.  Enjoy!


H/T Bentley Spotting