Bentley Bentayga Tires

Have you ever thought about how your vehicle interacts with the road?  Good tires make all the difference in performance and ride quality.  For the Bentayga, Bentley needed to find a tire that could carry the load and heat generated by a 5,340 lb. SUV traveling at 187 mph while still giving a forgiving ride around town and providing grip during off-road excursions.  That is no easy task.

In fact it proved to be so difficult that an off the shelf solution didn’t exist.  Bentley ended up selecting Pirelli P Zero tires specially made for the occasion.  You’ll know if your Bentayga has the correct tire as it will be marked with “B” indicating it was made specially for Bentley.

20160506 Bentley Bentayga Tires 00

Pirelli says their Scorpion Verde and Scorpion Zero all-season tires were designed and built after extensive research and development to meet the demands of the Bentayga.

20160506 Bentley Bentayga Tires 03

Dominic Sandivasci, UK managing director for Pirelli, said, “Our focus is very much on the prestige segment and Bentley is the perfect fit for this category. We spend a lot of time working with high performance vehicle manufacturers to ensure we are creating a product that meets all their requirements.”

“It’s great news we’ve been able to do this for Bentley with the Bentayga and that we are fully homologated for this impressive high-speed ultra-luxury vehicle. With 100 per cent original equipment on the car, we have been able to design and develop tires to meet an exacting specification to provide ultimate driving performance.”

The Bentayga’s special Pirellis are made in the UK at Pirelli’s MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotized System) facility in Burton upon Trent.

Additional Source: Pirelli Tires