CW1 House Crewe England

Four years after it was announced and just six months after the production model was officially unveiled, the Bentley Bentayga is ready for customer delivery.

Bentley celebrated the event with important guests and customers at their CW1 House at the company’s headquarters in Crewe.

Speaking about how the important the Bentayga is to Bentley, Kevin Rose, Bentley Board Member said, “This is an historic day for Bentley and it is a great testament to all the work which has gone in to producing Bentayga, the fastest and most luxurious SUV in the world.”

20160322 First Bentley Bentayga Deliveries Begin 03

“The customers joining us for the event have followed the Bentayga journey since we proposed the idea of a Bentley SUV, and were among the very first in the world to put their names down on the order book for First Edition cars – many before they had even seen the finished model. Today their confidence in Bentley is repaid as they take delivery of a car which has been unanimously praised by the world’s media.

Rose also praised Bentley’s workforce, who have grown in numbers to some 4,000.  The Bentayga added nearly 1,000 of those workers.  Unlike other production SUVs that are completed in as little as a day, Bentley spends 130 hours on each Bentayga.  Much of that time is spent by Bentley’s craftsmen on the hand-crafted wood work and stitched leather that comprises the interior.

“I would also especially like to thank our 4,000-strong workforce in Crewe for their commitment in bringing Bentayga to life,” Rose said.  “Their passion, skill and dedication is a significant part of makes Bentley such an iconic and appealing brand right around the world.”

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Photo credit: @BentleyHants

The 600 horsepower Bentayga is Bentley’s fourth model, joining the Mulsanne, the Continental GT, and the Flying Spur.  For now, the Bentayga is the fastest SUV in the world.  It will receive pressure from the next Porsche Cayenne turbo, along with the new Lamborghini SUV in a couple of years.  For now though, the Bentayga is enjoying the limelight.

Deliveries in the UK and Europe are beginning this week.  Expect to begin seeing customer Bentaygas in the United States sometime in May.

Two Bentaygas wait for delivery in the UK - photo credit: Piston Heads

Two Bentaygas wait for delivery in the UK – photo credit: Piston Heads