At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer discussed the yet-to-be officially named Bentley SUV price with Autocar.  Commenting on the pricing of top of the range offerings from Land Rover, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, Dürheimer said:

“All of the current luxury SUVs, (they) all end at around €160,000 (£128,208). We aim to solve this problem”.

His haughty answer gives us our first peak at the new Bentley SUV cost.  As an observer and enthusiast, I have been very curious about how development is progressing.  That includes both power and price. So far we know the luxurious SUV will have a twin turbo, W12, a hybrid power train option, and a target of 200 mph.  We don’t know, however, how much it will cost.

Bentley has said that it expects the new model to help raise annual sales from around 10,000 units to 13,500 and eventually 15,000 per year by 2020. In the article linked above, Autocar speculates that it will price at around £200,000 ($345,000.)  This seems way too high to me as it would encroach on Mulsanne pricing. At $300,000 to $400,000, the Mulsanne only sells around 1100 units per year.  I don’t think Bentley will accomplish their sales target up with a car that costs that much.

I expected the SUV to price slightly above the Flying Spur, which starts at about $200,000 in the US.  In the quote above, Dürheimer mentions competition models pricing at €160,000, which converts to roughly $220,000. This would be a 10% bump above the Spur and the increased cost would probably be pure profit for Bentley. After all, they’re building a unit body, all wheel drive, W12 car. From a design and manufacturing perspective, is it really going to be that different than their current lineup?

Traditional car only maker Porsche has had great success selling the Cayenne SUV at prices near the bottom of the pricing of their range of models.  Will Bentley do the same, looking for volume and profits to propel the company into the future? Or will they stay at a lower volume and higher price range of the Mulsanne?

Only Bentley knows the answer. Personally, I think the Bentley SUV price will be $220,000, with options as high as $300,000. Stay tuned to learn how wrong (or right) I am!

UPDATE: We now know the SUV is named Bentayga, but we still don’t know the Bentley Bentayga’s cost.