We haven’t let the news of the return of the phenomenal Supersports model to cause us to forget that Bentley is currently developing an all new Continental GT. Today’s video was filmed in early December at the Ring where Bentley engineers were testing both the coupe and convertible version of the new GT.

The video’s description indicates that these were ’17 models testing. However, we believe they are actually the current Continental GT’s replacement in disguised to look like 2017 Bentleys.

We expect the new GT to debut in 2017 and go on sale as a 2018 model. It will be available initially with new versions of the current model’s 4.0l V8 and 6.0 W12, both of which will feature efficiency improvements over the current models. The cars in this video appear to be W12 models, but V8 models have also been photographed testing.

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