The holidays are here and Bentley has number of gifts for the Bentley enthusiast in your life.  Of course nothing beats receiving a Bentley itself!  You can find the items listed below at your local Bentley dealer or online at the

From Bentley’s press release:

For Younger Enthusiasts

A passion for motoring is often nurtured from childhood, and this early enthusiasm is catered for with the ride-on Continental GT. Available in vibrant hues of Sequin Blue and Magenta, both colours are matched exactly to paint in the extended Bentley colour range.

20151127 Bentley Collection Christmas List 15

Bentley Cufflinks

The Bentayga gear shift is replicated perfectly in miniature, with the exquisite knurled cufflinks set. Bentley’s distinctive rear light ellipses – instantly recognisable when travelling behind a Bentley at night – are also transformed into wearable pieces for Bentley enthusiasts.

20151127 Bentley Collection 01


The Equestrian

A blanket crafted from cashmere forms one of the highlights of the Bentley Collection. The blanket comes in Camel and Portland to provide a cosy addition to any room, or alternatively the throw offers a stylish layer to take with you when attending outdoor events.

Continental Handbag

The Continental handbag, named after the iconic Bentley GT, is reinvented in a new, smaller size, and is introduced to the range alongside the original Continental and Barnato handbags.

New colours refresh the collection for Autumn. Drawn from Bentley’s extended colour palette, Burnt Oak, Portland and Dark Sapphire are subtle tones that create a more muted yet luxurious feel.

20151127 Bentley Collection Christmas List 11

Wallet and Credit Card Cases

Wallets and credit card cases make an indulgent gift to use every day, available in Burnt Oak – a rich autumnal brown; Dark Sapphire – deepest navy; and Portland – a grown-up taupe, a new take on neutrals.

20151127 Bentley Collection Christmas List 10

For Writers

Bentley Tibaldi pens, with fountain or roller-ball nibs and luxuriously weighted design, form a pinnacle piece with which to complete any writer’s collection of instruments. While words are now often typed rather than written, the allure of ink on paper has never lost its appeal.

20151127 Bentley Collection Christmas List 04

Heritage Race backpack

The spirit and flair of the 1920s Bentley Boys provides endless inspiration, and the Race Backpack is both a functional and stylish interpretation of the heritage theme.

The bag features the number nine – a number with special significance for Bentley. It was used to identify what became one of the most famous Bentleys ever built: the supercharged 4.5 Litre ‘Blower’ that Bentley Boy Tim Birkin drove at Le Mans in 1930.

20151127 Bentley Collection Christmas List 01

Blower Cashmere Scarf

The iconic Bentley Blower is reinvented in scarf form, which features the famous racer in luxurious cashmere, resulting in a stylish accessory for the modern day Bentley aficionado.


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*Source: Bentley Motors