All this talk about a new Azure (Mulsanne convertible) reminded me of something I saw on Facebook this weekend.

Rain Prisk Design posted another fantastic Bentley concept. We last saw him here when he pushed out a Continental GT Shooting Brake, which was one of the most popular posts the month it was published.

This time he’s taken a stab at an updated version of our most favorite Bentley: The Brooklands. For the Brooklands, he began with the Bentley Grand Convertible concept car then added a roof and a heaping of Gold Rush Rally treatment to the paint to arrive at the car you see pictured.  The result really stimulates the imagination about how great a new Brooklands would be.

Our love for this concept shouldn’t come as a surprise as almost weekly we show our enthusiasm for the Brooklands on social media. The big coupé will go down as one of the greatest Bentleys of its era and we would be so delighted if it came to light.  Hey, since Bentley is back in the bespoke car building business, maybe you could order one.  Please let us know if you do!