Are you ready for a Maybach SUV vs. Bentley SUV head to head comparison?  Australia’s believes Mercedes could be readying a luxury version of its already powerful GL63 AMG.  Speaking in Italy for the launch of the new S-Class coupe., Dr. Thomas Weber, Mercedes-Benz board member in charge of research and development, discussed the Maybach brand with the website.

“Why not [apply Maybach to GL],” Weber responded to’s questioning.

He obviously wasn’t going to comment on specific plans for the Maybach name (probably because Mercedes doesn’t know for sure what it’s going to do with the brand,) but he did talk at a high level about Maybach. “Mercedes is the mother brand and we have Mercedes-AMG [for performance]. Could it be an idea to go in a similar direction [with Maybach]?” said Weber.

I think there is great brand value in the Maybach name and it absolutely makes sense to turn it into a luxury version of their cars as AMG is the power version.  With the luxurious Range Rover already out and Bentley and Rolls Royce prepping new SUVs for 2016 and 2017, Mercedes will need to up its game if it wants to be considered a premier luxury SUV maker.

Update: Rolls-Royce is entering the SUV market also.  Read about the Rolls-Royce SUV.



Photo Credit: Mercedes Benz

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