It’s been a month since Bentley unveils the ultimate Continental GT, the Bentley Continental GT Supersports. The Supersport’s 700 hp received all the headlines, but the car also has some very unique aesthetic treatments.

Not wanting to leave the ‘Spur out, Bentley now announced the Flying Spur Design Series. Featuring five interior and exterior accent color combos, the Design Series creates a fantastic design that will make your Flying Spur stand out from your neighbors without being obnoxious. Bentley is limiting production to only 100 units for the entire planet.

The Design Series features five unique interior and exterior color split in Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, White, Kingfisher and Azure Purple. Bentley says the bold colors were inspired by that flash of color on a suit lining and we love it.

The package can be applied to any model in the Flying Spur range, although the high performance ‘S’ models receive some unique features.

Flying Spur Design Series

On the outside, the Flying Spur Design Series receives a bold accent color that begins at the front bumper and runs the length of the car. New LED welcome lights project “Mulliner” onto the ground when the doors are opened. The V8 S and W12 S models receive a new front bumper design with the W12 S receiving dark tint bright work and gloss black 21″ directional wheels. If you like the look of the Continental GT Black Series, then you’ll love the W12 S Design Series.

Inside, the exterior’s complimentary color is matched with two additional colors. This tri-color treatment was first presented on the GT Supersports and here in the Flying Spur, adds a pop to the interior that current owners will appreciate. Perhaps a little out-of-place in a sedan is the steering wheel stripe added at 12 o’clock. Unless you’re whipping your Spur around the local race track, then it may be needed.

Mulliner Adds More Magic To A New Flying Spur

The console is finished in Piano Black wood. The door caps and dash are finished in titanium-enriched carbon fiber. The tread places are finished in the car’s accent color and feature “Mulliner”, which is back-lit.

Of course the car can be further customized by Mulliner to your heart’s content. Everything from custom storage containers lined in Bentley’s finest leather to a rear seat champagne bottle cooler is available on the Flying Spur.

As you can see, the package really works. The exterior details are bright and noticeable while maintaining a subtlety that we think buyers will like.