550 horsepower and 600 lb ft of torque. That’s what we’re looking at for the next generation Continental GT V8 and Flying Spur V8. These are incredible numbers just in the face that they beat the W12’s output numbers from only five years ago. And the new V8 is doing it while delivering considerable better emissions and fuel economy.

Porsche unveiled the new V8 the past week at the 37th International Vienna Motor Symposium.  This is the same event where Bentley announced their new twin-turbo, 6.0l W12 engine last year.  According to Automobile Magazine, the new V8 is based on a new Audi twin-turbo V6. For the uninitiated, Audi, along with Bentley and Porsche, are all owned by the same company.  The three have been able to share much technology over the years, which is why it is expected that this the new Bentley V8.

“Force-fed by two twin-scroll turbochargers, it’s rated at 550 horsepower which is available at 5750 rpm, and 568 lb-ft of torque from 1960 to 4500 rpm—redline is 6800 rpm. That puts it virtually on the level of the previous Panamera Turbo S with its 4.8-liter turbo.” – Automobile Magazine

The Details
The new V8 measures 4.0 liters, the same as Bentley’s outgoing V8. Like the current V8, it uses forced induction via two twin-scroll turbos, which ride in the valley between the cylinder heads. The all new V8 gains cylinder deactivation on demand, as well as other efficiencies to lower fuel consumption.

Porsche twin-turbo 4.0l V8

What This Means For Bentley
As a small production company, Bentley needs help developing engines. Leveraging the technologies of their sister companies lowers costs for the Crewe, UK, company, while increasing reliability due to the amount of testing and number of vehicles utilizing the engine.

Of course the engine has to deliver Bentley-like gobs of power in a civilized way. There is no doubt that luxury makers Porsche and Audi also have levels of noise and vibration they need to hit, so this shouldn’t be an issue.  Additionally, Bentley’s engineers will tune it to the platform it’s being used in to make sure it meets the brand’s high standards.

The Next GT
Several development vehicles have been spotted around Crewe and cold weather testing near the Arctic Circle, indicating that the all new GT and Flying Spur are getting closer to production.

They will ride on the VW group’s MSB platform, which is also going to underpin the next Porsche Panamera. The MSB platform is setup for all-wheel-drive, but the engine will sit lower and further back than the current GT.  The platform can be set up to use the new Audi V6, the all new Porsche V8, along with Bentley’s all new 6.0l W12, which just debuted in the Bentayga.  It will also be utilized as a hybrid for the new Porsche Panamera.  It’s unclear if this technology will be brought to the Continental Lineup.

It’s expected the new GT will be lighter due to aluminum and carbon fiber construction. Along with the new twin-turbo V8, Bentley’s sports coupé will accelerate faster and get better mileage than the current model…just don’t expect it to cost less!

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