In 1989, Soviet test pilot and cosmonaut Igor Volk became the first to perform a high angle pitch control maneuver in the SU-27 prototype plane. The maneuver became known as the “Kobra” or “Pugachev’s Kobra” for the pilot who first performed the maneuver publicly, wowing air show attendees at Le Bourget in 1989.

Exclusively for Moscow, Bentley’s Mulliner division has released a limited run of six Continental GTs commemorating Pugachev’s Kobra.  Bentley says they were inspired by the excellent handling, dynamics and maneuverability of the airplanes. Because of this, they chose the most nimble of Continentals as a base for the special edition: Continental GT V8S.

201501014 2016 Bentley Continental GT Kobra Edition 10

The V8S model is powered by a twin-turbo, 4.0l V8 backed by an eight speed transmission. The engine has 520 hp and 502 lb ft of torque and weighs less than the standard 6.0l W12 engine, which helps it accelerate to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. With the help of technologies like cylinder deactivation, it can travel 805 km on one tank of fuel; enough to get from London to the French Alps or from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The exterior of the Kobra has 21″ wheels, red brake calipers, and carbon fiber details like front and rear splitters and side mirrors. The radiator grill is finished in black and the V8’s red Bentley badges match the brake calipers. The front fender has a “V8S Kobra Edition” badge denoting the uniqueness of the car.

The Kobra Edition is available in three colors: Royal Ebony (black metallic), Granite (gray metallic) and Glacier White (white).  The two dark-colored cars are adorned with a bright red sports body kit, while the white coupé is tastefully done in a contrasting black body kit.

201501014 2016 Bentley Continental GT Kobra Edition 04

The interiors are done in complementary colors with carbon fiber details and special badging.  The current design of Mulliner seats have the look of a cobra along with Bentley’s special diamond patterned seating surfaces. The cars are available this fall exclusively at Bentley St. Petersburg.


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