2010 Bentley Mulsanne Matte Black

Nothing looks tougher than a matte black car. Typically reserved for project cars and hot rods, the color takes on a more sinister look when it’s on a large, über-luxury sedan.  Of course, this isn’t just any luxury sedan.  It’s a Bentley with 500hp and 725 lb ft of torque.

20151211 Bentley Mulsanne Matte Black 04

We know little about this Mulsanne other than the year it was made.  In today’s world, it is most likely a vinyl wrap with custom colored wheels.  We’ve seen several Continental GTs murdered out including all of the chrome trim, which was left shiny on this car.  What do you think?  Does the Bentley Mulsanne look good in matte black?


Source: Auto Gespot