For this year’s Geneva Auto Show, Bentley’s Mulliner division built a customized 2016 Bentley Continental GTC to show off some of their capabilities when it comes to meeting a customer’s requests.

Bentley Continental GTC Orange Flame by Mulliner 04

The inspiration for the team at Milliner was to create a car whose color platte reflected that of a flame. That meant seeking out or even creating materials that fit the requirement.

To that end, a special carbon fabric was created using carbon fiber, copper foil and metal wire. The material is finished in lacquer and then polished to an incredible shine. The result is an vibrant, shimmery surface that Bentley calls Sparkle Carbon.

20160701 Bentley Orange GTC Mulliner 02

The rest of the interior is finished in hides colored to match the theme. The goal was to create an organic but complementary finish. Orange Flame and Ghost White alternate throughout giving the car a very tasteful but fun finish. The seats and door panels were covered in a custom quilted pattern that differs from the standard Mulliner quilting.

The standard Breitling analogue clock gained an orange trim ring to go along with the tricolor interior. Orange door sills are also illuminated and the Mulliner name is stitched into the headrests. The steering wheel gains a sporty appearance with an orange stripe at 12 o’clock echoing the marking in the Continental GT3 race car.

20160701 Bentley Orange GTC Mulliner 03

Pulling inspiration into a design from an outside source like the flame of a candle or a favorite shade of nail polish is one thing, making it work is another. What Mulliner has demonstrated with this car is that they know how pull a design concept together in a manner that is consistent with the brand image.

Bentley has a renewed marketing effort behind Milliner and we can expect to see more speciality cars like this one in the future.