Aston Martin is a great British brand currently in the midst of reinvigorating sales.  In order to be competitive, they are developing an SUV and moving their brand upmarket by focusing more efforts on personalization and customization, such as the One 77 hyper car from 2009.

Today’s spotlight is aimed at a special version of the 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish.  These seven bespoke cars were commissioned by a collector and personalized by Q by Aston Martin.  Q by Aston Martin is Aston’s division that works on all special requests for customizations from customers.

Dr. Matthew Bennett, GM of VIP Sales for Q by Aston Martin, delivered the first of seven unique Vanquish coupés to a German collector at an event in Gaydon in June.

20150605 crewecraft-com Aston Martin Vanquish 06

The collector, Mr. Storck, is founder and head of German hi-tech cycle manufacturer Storck Bikes.  He commissioned Q by Aston Martin to develop the seven cars for himself and six of his fellow sports car aficionados.

The cars feature a broad array of bespoke features including an exclusive exterior finish made by interweaving multiple layers of carbon fiber to create a perfectly smooth finish.  This finish required Aston to develop and entirely new manufacturing process and ensures that the cars will have a unique finish.

At the presentation, Dr. Bennett was happy to talk up the skills of Q.  “The process of creating these sports cars has been typical of what Q by Aston Martin can do.  From a blank canvas we have made the client’s vision for the cars a reality and, today, we saw the first of these special new Vanquish models handed over.”

20150605 crewecraft-com Aston Martin Vanquish 03

Aside from the unique carbon fiber body, which is finished with satin Jet Black paint finish and exposed carbon, the car has a variety of luxurious and custom-made additions such as diamond quilting on the seats and machined carbon Aston Martin winged badges.  “One of Seven” logos stitched into the head restraints complete the interior along with a variety of gloss black styling additions.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to see my vision for a series of bespoke Aston Martin Vanquish come to life like this.” – Markus Storck, Q by Aston Martin customer

“The attention to detail, service and dedication I have seen from the Q team has been exceptional – and the result is outstanding,” said Markus Storck. Aston’s custom car program rivals similar programs at Bentley and Rolls-Royce and has gone as far as building complete one-off bodies for customers.

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