Excitement for the first all new Continental GT since 2003 is continues to build. Bentley enthusiasts won’t have to wait too much long as the new car is expected to debut in only a few months. Development vehicles have been photographed testing for over a year now but today we’re taking a look at the new interior for the first time.

The basic layout of the new GT will continue to be a 2+2 coupe. Both inside and out, it will maintain its classic coupe lines. Although some commenters think the new car has many similarities to Aston Martin’s GT cars, the true starting place of Bentley’s beautiful coupe actually trace back to the original Continental coupe of the early 50’s.

The similarity to the 50’s Continental end as you enter the cabin thanks to modern safety and technology. The new dash won’t look too unfamiliar to owners of the current car though. The 2018 Continental GT will feature a wider and taller center console than the outgoing model. Several controls will be moved into rotating knobs on the console, versus being included in the NAV in the current model. A central knob contains the starter button in its center. Rotating the knob cycles the car through its various modes from Sport to ‘Bentley mode’ to Comfort. A button to the driver’s rear of gear selector disables the start/stop technology. This marks the first time this tech has been available in the Continental and Flying Spur.

Most obvious from the driver’s seat is the rearranged driver information stack at the center of the dash. Clearly an evolution of the current model, the new Continental flips the location of the NAV screen and the HVAC vents. The vents are still aluminum with sturdy aluminum pulls like the current Bentley range. They are joined by the expected Breitling clock. This arrangement pushes the 8″ NAV screen higher and closer to the driver’s field of vision. Android Auto and Apple Carplay will be available.

2018 Bentley Interior Shot

The new car is expected to be a leap forward in technology under its skin too. The electrical system will must likely be the 48V system that debuted in the Bentayga. This will allow electronically assisted sway bars to aid the air suspension during aggressive driving maneuvers.

Looking at available options on the Bentayga, we don’t see it as too far of a leap to guess that the new Continental will also feature full LED lighting, park assist, top view camera, reversing traffic warning, lane assist, traffic assist, heads-up display, adaptive cruise control and parking heater.

The all new Continental is expected as soon as September of this year. Subscribe to this website today to receive the latest Bentley news in your inbox.