Yeah, yeah, you’re a Bentley enthusiast and you can’t believe Bentley built an SUV.  Look, it’s time to accept that fact that Bentayga is here and…it…is…awesome!

You know my wife has had two Lexus RX’s.  Ugliest car you can buy. It didn’t matter to her and the Bentayga’s looks shouldn’t matter to you.  It’s a UTILITY vehicle.

And oh what utility it can provide.  It seats four, can pull 7,700 lbs. and has a top speed of 187 mph.  And the sounds it makes while doing all of that!

STARTECH is tuner of Bentley products that we’re just getting acquainted with. Owned by BRABUS (is the caps lock button broken over there?), the company tunes its customers’ vehicles both cosmetically and mechanically. I would describe their style as aggressive but not outlandish like the cars Mansory touches.

The company has been working on the new Bentayga and has released some images of the SUV shod in their 23″ Monostar S wheels.

20160608 Bentley Bentayga by STARTECH 01

The wheels look fine enough but it’s STARTECH’s exhaust upgrade the caught my eyes (ears.)  The system works with the Bentayga’s mode selector to go from stock sounding in Comfort mode to super car sounding when Sport is selected.  As you can hear in the video embedded below, Bentley’s all new 6.0l twin-turbo W12 sounds amazing! Both the wheels and the exhaust system should be ready for customer deliver later this summer.