There are many Bentley’s that are popular on the internet, but I’m not sure any of them top the popularity of today’s Spotlight.  The car in question is known as the Tiffany Blue Bentley.  While you may have just landed here from a Pinterest link and only want to see pictures, here are few interesting details about this Pintrest popular droptop.

The car, or any Bentley of a particular shade of blue, has no affiliate with Tiffany’s, the world-famous jeweler.  Tiffany’s uses a shade of blue that they were able to trademark and it’s called, to no surprise, Tiffany Blue.  The jeweler was founded in 1837 and started using their signature color in 1845.  They were awarded a color trademark in the U.S. and use the color extensively on promotional material including boxes and bags.

So if it’s not the result of one of Bentley’s partners, then how did the blue Bentley come to be?  To thank for that, we have Beverly Hills, CA, Bentley dealer, O’Gara Coach Company.  In 2013, O’Gara ordered three Bentley Continental GT’s in Celeste Blue Pearlescent, a color very similar to the color of Tiffany’s boxes.

It was stroke of marketing genius.  The pairing of two luxurious items: jewelry and cars.  O’Gara promoted the car on their website and several periodicals from around the world ran stories on the beautiful convertibles.  Along the way, images of the car were Pinned and Tumbled and the rest is viral-social-media-magic.  It’s not hard to find images of the car in any corner of the web.

Specifics On The Cars

The cars themselves were 2013 V8 models.  Three were ordered: two GTC convertibles and one coupe.  The convertibles had black roofs.  The car pictured had a light gray headliner and a linen interior with piano black interior.  The car was also specified with massaging heated and ventilated front seats, a rearview camera, and a unique sill plaque identifying the car as a specially commissioned edition.

The 4.0l, twin-turbo V8 is rated at 500 horsepower and can get to 60mph in 4.8 seconds.  Thanks to cylinder deactivation, the Continental is capable of 24mpg highway, which is very impressive for an exotic car with this much power.

The MSRP for the Tiffany Blue Bentley Continental GTC in 2013 was $224,215.

A majority of Bentley’s vehicles are customized in some way by the buyer.  If you are inspired by this car and ordered your own Celeste Blue Bentley, drop me an email.  We’d like to share pictures of you car here too.

O’Gara ordered another Celeste Blue Continental GTC.  This one is a 2015 model year with a black top and linen interior and the 6.0l twin-turbo W12 engine.  We’ve added some more pics to the gallery.


Source: O’Gara Coach Company