Bentley’s Continental GT3-R is a luxury car in the strictest definition of the word. It’s expensive ($337,00), it’s built from exotic and luxurious materials, and it’s limited: only 99 copies were imported to the U.S.

We’ve written much about the GT3-R on this Bentley Blog (read our June 2014 story in the unveiling of the car), but there is one element of the car that we haven’t written about yet: it’s color.

At the GT3-R’s announcement, Bentley presented it as a homage to the GT3 race car. Along with that, there weren’t any options available on the car other than specifying whether or not you wanted the exterior graphics applied or not. Like the Henry Ford story about black cars, buyers could specify their GT3-R is any color they wanted as long as it was Glacier white. Just like the race car that inspired it.

The only interior color spec available was a Beluga (black) leather and Alcantera upholstery with green accents and a green GT3 logo in the same shade as the Continental GT3 motorsport colors.

As the car began production, customers were asking Bentley to make color exceptions. Very quietly, the factory acquiesced and began approving some color changes. These changes were so quiet that Bentley never confirmed the order changes publicly and continued to provide information to the media that all cars were Glacier white.

The changes allowed on orders were strictly cosmetic. Items that could be altered included graphics delete, brake caliper color, exterior color, interior accent color, and seat belt color. The rest of the car wasn’t allowed to be altered including the rear wing and the Beluga leather and Alcantera interior. The factory in Crewe also wouldn’t allow the GT3-R logo from the Motorsport program to be altered. This meant that the logo remained green and had to be considered when changing up the interior accent color.

Thanks to contacts at U.S. Bentley dealers and Instagram, we were able to document eight additional colors, but we suspect there were others built. To document the cars, we have set up a wiki page here: The Bentley Continental GT3-R Registry.  Here is a list of the colors we’ve documented so far:

  • Glacier (standard white)
  • Beluga (black)
  • Moonbeam (grey)
  • Ice White
  • Volcanic Black
  • Graphite Grey
  • Quartzite
  • Bright Red (spotted on Instagram, don’t know official color)
  • Dark Grey (spotted on Instagram, don’t know official color)

As stated above, all the interiors were Beluga with a green GT3 logo in the headrest.  Accent colors we’ve seen:

  • Green (Standard color)
  • Hotspur
  • Linen
  • Beluga

Send an email to tips (at) if you have a car you’d like to have included in the Wiki.  It’s helpful if you know the cars sequence number out of 99 or the US cars or the last five of the VIN.


We first took notice of the color change when the first black car showed up at Music City Motor Cars in TN. It’s black exterior was striking compared to the white cars that had come out prior to it.  In their marketing material, the dealer said only six Beluga GT3-Rs were brought to the U.S.

black gt3r 06

Over the coming weeks, dealers across the US received dozens of GT3-Rs.  This included the incredible looking Beluga car below with red accents and no graphics.  Yet another black GT3-R had the standard green rotors, but the interior accent color was Linen.  It didn’t pop as much as the red accented car in photos, but we’re told the black and white effect looks great in real life.

Of course, if they didn’t accept the color you wanted, you could also have the car wrapped like this Continental GT3-R owner did: