Porto Cervo is one of the world’s most exclusive and glamorous enclaves. In addition to wowing visitors, it has inspired Rolls-Royce’s latest creations: a Wraith and a Dawn, both limited editions of one. The cars were unveiled at Roll’s Summer Studio in Sardina. They were built to complement each other and to commemorate the opening of the studio.

Rolls-Royce representative Isobel Dando explained the inspiration for the “Patrons of our marque delight in inhabiting some of the world’s most beautiful enclaves. Sardinia, and its stunning Costa Smerelda, serves as the perfect backdrop for Rolls-Royce to host these patrons of true luxury in an intimate setting; The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio. The stunning Bespoke Wraith and emerald embellished Dawn, inspired by the sights and colours of Porto Cervo, have been commissioned in the spirit that so many of our customers delight in.”

The Wraith was inspired by dusk, the Dawn by the area’s vibrant and beautiful green seas. Together, the two cars reflect the beauty of the area while showcasing what a Rolls-Royce is all about.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Sardina

The Wraith is painted in two-tone silver. A purple feature line hints at the color of the interior. Using ostrich leather to add texture and using blue, purple, slate and black to create the effect of shadows at sunset in the water.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Sardina

The Dawn took inspiration for its emerald green paint from the colors Rolls-Royce designers found in the seas around Porto Cervo. Inside, the leather is a very unique seashell and green. Teak veneers cover the interior, echoing its usage on the deck of nearby boats. Most unique is a teak floor in the trunk (boot), something we’ve never encountered in an automobile before.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Sardina

The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio in Porto Cervo will be open to visitors via appointment until September 2016.

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