Bentley has unveiled a new concierge service that delivers any Bentley to you. They call it an “innovative new luxury connected-mobility service.” What the service actually does is allow Bentley owners to skip the rental counter the next time they need a car.

Building from Bentley’s test with Filld, a mobile-app-based fuel deliver service, satisfies a need by making your life easier. Could you get by with a Camry rental? Maybe. But you’re used to a Bentley at home, so why shouldn’t you enjoy one when traveling?

Let’s say you commute to the office in a Mulsanne Speed, but you need a Bentayga for taking your kids fly fishing this weekend. Bentley on Demand can help by bringing you a Bentayga.

Now if you’re reading this and getting excited, you should know there are a few caveats. First, it’s only open to current Bentley owners via the Bentley Network app. Secondly, the service is launching in limited areas. Initially those cities are New York, L.A. and Dallas.

This service is very interesting for a couple of reasons. It seems very appealing to owners in that it allows them to use the rest of the product line without being committed to just one car. More interesting though, is that this service shows Bentley actually moving towards their vision of luxury automotive ownership in the future instead of just talking about it like their competition.