The Rolls-Royce Wraith is a rare car.  Rolls-Royce only sells 4,000 cars per year and while they don’t breakout sales per model, it’s safe to say that the two door coupé makes up a small percentage of total sales.  If you’ve held off on purchasing a Wraith because it wasn’t exclusive enough for you, than Essex, UK, Rolls-Royce dealer P & A Wood has your fix. The store recently commissioned Rolls-Royce to build a run Wraiths that are very unique and very tastefully done.  Only ten copies will be made, ensuring that this is a rare car.

This isn’t new territory for the dealer, which was founded by identical twin brothers Paul & Andrew Wood in 1967.  The company has previously offered a special run of the Bentley Brooklands and a version of the new Phantom when it debuted in 2008.

20151111 PA Wood RR Wraith Limited Edition Back Full Car 01

For this project, Paul Wood enlisted the help of his entire team.  Design by committee rarely works, but the team at P & A Wood was able to work together to execute a combined vision of what a modern coupé should represent. The changes to the Wraith are subtle and nod back in history to the years when Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles were coach built by craftsmen.

“The Wraith is my favorite model but there have always been things I thought I would like to do to it,” said dealer principal Paul Wood. “When we all got together to discuss it, lots of people had ideas of their own too, so we had lots to work with and an enthusiastic team.”

20151111 PA Wood RR Wraith Limited Edition Side strip 06

The first of the limited run of ten (pictured) is finished in Silver Sand over British Racing Green paint. The paint is finished, as Rolls-Royce does, to a mirror finish. It is accented by hand-applied coach-lining, chrome side strips and a touch of that same British Racing Green paint on the chrome wheels. Those chrome side strips are what really catches the eye. They move rearward from the suicide doors’ handles and give the car a sense of speed while it’s standing still. They really differentiate the Wraith from anything else on the road.

Additionally, the team had the side window surrounds color matched to the body like they did the wheels. Special lateral Rolls-Royce badges were used along with more custom chrome trimming across the front bumper, on the front license plate surround and on the rear, where the exhaust surrounds received unique trim.

20151111 PA Wood RR Wraith Limited Edition Fascia 03

Inside, the P & A Wood Wraith a light brown hide called Moccasin was selected along with Pine Green piping. As in many Rolls-Royces, the dash features real wood veneers with carefully matched wood grains to achieve the look found in many high-end furniture pieces. Embellishments continue with a classic gold banding around the dash’s vents and select switches.

20151111 PA Wood RR Wraith Limited Edition Door trim 02

The steering wheel and dashboard top were color coded in Pine Green to match the piping. The rear parcel shelf, door trim and rear arm rest recesses were also done in Pine Green. The final touch of luxury to the interior are the plush lambswool rugs.

The first two cars have already been sold but they currently have a Diamond Black version of the car for viewing with another British Racing Green car on the way. Wood has more information on their unique Wraiths here.

20151111 PA Wood RR Wraith Limited Edition Wheel 07